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what is jackEQ?

jackEQ wll allow sound as rich and powerful as Jackie O, as street smart as Jackie Brown. Is jackEQ more than you can handle?

jackEQ is intended to provide an accessible method for tweaking the treble, mid and bass of any JACK aware applications output. Designed specifically for live performance, it is modelled on various DJ mixing consoles which the main author has worked with live.

jackEQ is a tool for routing and manipulating audio from/to multiple input/output sources. It runs on the JACK audio system, and uses the DJ EQ swh ladspa plugin created by Steve Harris, also one of jackEQ's major contributors along with Jack O'Quin who crafted the majority of the JACK ports menu code.


JACK i/o
4 x stereo i/o channels with EQs, independant gain controls and meters
Stereo monitor and master outputs with indpendant gain control and meters
3band graphic EQ for each channel
		 Bass:	    100 Hz
Range		 Mid:	    1000 Hz
		 Treble:    10000 Hz
cross fader support: All channels assignable plus mute and all
2x stereo aux send/return with monitor buttons (pre gain).
Internal jack i/o connections assignable from Ports menu.
Save UI state between quit/restart.
Mute buttons for each channel.
One click to reset eq's.


Audio Signal Management

Each channel has stereo i/o which can be connected in four ways:
- Directly
- To aux send 1 or 2
- To the master channel with xfade
- To the monitor out pre gain
Aux send slider/meter controls the input volume. Input is sent direct to master and can also be sent to monitor pre gain.
In total there are 16 input and 16 output connections.
If necessary you can also connect directly to the monitor and master inputs from any other JACK app. 

Planned features (in rough order of difficulty)



The tarball is online here

To compile:
	./configure;make;make install


31 Dec 2009 - New tarball. Added functionality to save/load state in file menu. Shiny new skin and theme. New mute buttons, right click to enable/disable, left click to reset eq's :- jackEQ-0.5.8.tar.bz2

27 Dec 2009 - New tarball and new website. Added functionality to save/load state at quit/start. Configuration file located in ~/jackeq/jackeq.conf folder:- jackEQ-0.5.1.tar.bz2

25 April 2006 - New tarball uploaded. Fixed ladspa UniqueId bug for djEQ plugin to work with stereo version of djEQ and added patch from Marcus Meissner:- jackEQ-0.4.1

11 Feb 2004 - New tarball uploaded. Fixed rc file for Ports menu. Now displays checks correctly :- jackEQ-0.4.0

04 Dec 2003 - New tarball uploaded. Added Ports menu for assigning internal JACK ports, Uses swh-plugins-0.4.3 :- jackEQ-0.3.8

13 Nov 2003 - New tarball uploaded. Added 2x stereo aux send/return channels with monitor buttons :- jackEQ-0.3.6

13 Oct 2003 - Second tarball uploaded. Fixes bug with gcc-3.2 :- jackEQ-0.3.4

11 Oct 2003 - Initial release of jackEQ-0.3.3

15 Sept 2003 - The jackEQ web site is now up.